By Jori Smith, CSI, CDT, LEED AP, Southwest Region President

Today during a jobsite visit, the Owner Representative (a CSI member) pulled me aside to indicate his concern with the application of the EIFS system details.  I reviewed the ongoing installation in part with knowledge gained at a CSI chapter presentation on proper EIFS application techniques – and agreed with the Owner’s concerns.   I then called the manufacturer’s technical representative, a CSI chapter associate and someone whom I consider a “Trusted Advisor”, to request that he visit the site immediately to review the installation; a request to which he quickly agreed.

This chain of events is indicative of how important TRUST has become in our increasingly litigious industry.  The network of peer-to-peer relationships in our professional association is not just about business development.  It’s also about constructing relationships of trust with others whom you know to be most interested in doing what’s right, and focused on problem resolution.  I trust my CSI network to help me build projects that end successfully for everyone on the team.

How do you build that network?  For most people, it takes more than showing up for a monthly lunch meeting.  The most effective way is to dig in and help: volunteer as an officer, committee chair or committee member.  Spend an hour or two a month working alongside your peers, getting to know them, and to trust each other.  Consider contacting your chapter and asking how you can help. You’ll be glad you did. The relationships you build will produce fruit, I promise! 

Speaking of volunteers:  CONGRATULATIONS are in order for Ron Geren, FCSI of the Phoenix Chapter, now our newly-minted Institute President-Elect  for FY2016; and for David Bishton, CCS, CCCA of the Denver Chapter, newly elected Institute Director for the SW Region.  These two gentlemen are great examples of how CSI membership grows our professional resumes and strengthens careers.  The Southwest Region can be very proud of producing yet another generation of dedicated and passionate leaders for CSI.