Looking Forward

We are a few months into the 2015/2016 year for the Southwest Region.  Having attended Construct 2015 in St Louis I came away with a renewed sense of purpose as President of the Region.  Having expected to have another year of exposure to Region business as Vice President 1,  I was sure I would have three goals to champion during 2016/2017.  But here I am a year early having to lead one of the most enthusiastic Regions of CSI.  

My main focus for this year is to support Duane Johnson from the West Region in his endeavor to create a solid link between CSI at the chapter level and local colleges and universities.  In the month of February there will be an event held in Reno NV known as "ASC Regions 6 & 7 2016 Student Competition and Construction Management Conference".  The Region is looking into sending one of our members to answer questions and guide educators and students on how to get in contact with or involved with one of our many chapters.  I am expecting this individual to direct any requests directly to the chapter Presidents and from there they can delegate to their education or certification chair.  It is my intention to use this year to further the goal of the Region in supporting the chapters with their membership growth.  Ideas are always welcome. 

Paul Ricciuti, CSI, Southwest Region President