David A. Bishton, FCSI, NCARB, CCS, CCCA, SCIP

Awards: Get ready for changes to the Institute Awards program for FY2016. The board approved a multitude of changes to the language, criteria and even names of some awards put forth by a task force. The basics will be largely unchanged, but it is hoped the changes, especially to awards named after individuals from CSI’s past, will encourage more submissions and honors. The FY2016 Awards Guide will include all the revisions.

The Board: Our new Executive Director, Mark Dorsey, is working hard to get to know all the board members, staff, and committees together with the finances and other challenges facing CSI. I had a one-to-one conversation with Mark just last Friday and sense his passion and desire for creative new directions for CSI. Many board members seem ready for ideas and changes that are more than just tweaks to our SOP. President Lane Beougher and Mark are preparing a series of studies on the Board's overall goal setting and decision making processes, so it appears we are in for a stimulating ride during my term.

UniFormat: I am currently serving as board liaison on this Task Team, which is preparing an updated document to be issued in 2016 that will include many new topics that were also introduced in the expanded MasterFormat. These include Manufacturing, Processing & Bulk Handling, Transportation, Utilities, Electric Power Generation, and Water/Wastewater. It is stimulating to work with a group of experts in topics not often covered in traditional CSI circles. When will these disciplines be included in our annual CONSTRUCT and chapter/region trade shows? I think it must be part of the transition for CSI to embrace a larger view of the construction industry.

Update to last month’s report about the NSF Grant:

The application was submitted on October 5 and we hope to hear that we are successful by early spring 2016. This is a joint venture grant that includes Columbus State Community College (Ohio). Montgomery College (Maryland), and CSI. The NSF Building Efficiency for a Sustainable Tomorrow Center and the Coalition of Community College Architecture Programs will serve as national dissemination partners. The Institute for Women in Trades, Technology & Science will provide training on Women in STEM recruitment, persistence, and success strategies.

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve on the Institute Board from the Southwest Region. I welcome your questions and concerns on any topic at